Market Stall Essentials

I have done my fair share of market stalls to sell soaps and candles and have found that there are some things that would be helpful to anyone thinking about doing a market stall for the first time regardless of what you’re selling.

Coming back from a successful market day just a few hours ago I thought I would share while still fresh in my mind.


Here’s my list of essentials for a successful market day:


Themos/Travel Cup: Most market stalls are early in the morning or can go for several hours. I fill my themos with coffee for the drive up and to keep me going for the day.

Water: Another beverage but it is important to keep hydrated especially since you will be most likely speaking to people all day.

Sunscreen: This will only be necessary for outdoor markets. I learned the hard way to wear and bring sunscreen. Even on a cloudy day it is important to protect yourself from sunburn.


Chapstick/Lip Balm: This is also related to the above 2 items. Since you will be talking all day and have a long day outside it is important to protect your lips as well. A moisturizing lip balm will be of great help. I apply it about 10 times during the market.

Chairs: You will probably have a long day so bring a chair to sit on during quiet times or just to rest your legs. You don’t want to end up sitting on the floor.


Bags: Even if you are selling your old clothes or second hand items, it is important to bring bags to place your items in. Even if you can collect used grocery bags. You will find that a lot of regular market goers will often have their own tote bags however not all will.

Change/Coins: Go to your bank and get change for coins and notes so that you can give your customers the right change and not limit yourself to accepting exact change only. Take a look at your prices and ensure that you have suitable change for your items. For example if you are selling items priced at .95 cents then make sure you have a lot of 5 cent pieces for change.


Snacks: During busy market periods you may not be able to go and buy food and although market food is delicious and the smells of the hot jam donuts being made is intoxicating (mmmm….. donuts) it is not always the most nutritious. I like to take muesli bars, grapes and strawberries with me to snack on during the day.


A Friend: If you are able to find someone to wake up in the early hours of the morning to go to your market stall with you it will make a world of difference. I have been lucky enough to have my best friend Becky as my market buddy. This way we always have someone at the stall if we need to duck out on bathroom breaks or even to have a walk around and soak up the atmosphere (maybe even pick up a bargain or two).

Hope this helps anyone looking at holding a market stall to sell your goodies!


If you have done market stalls and have any other tips or things you find to be essentials, please leave me a comment to let me know!


Have a great day